Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Questions & Answers

  1. Who is Ionic Services, Inc.?

Ionic Services, Inc. is an employee owned and operated service company focused on providing accounting, technology integration and computer support services to funeral homes and cemeteries.

  1. Why should I consider Ionic Services?

Ionic Services has created a complete menu of programs designed to support your business and future growth while allowing you more time to focus on families, your community, and your life.

  1. How will Ionic's services benefit you and your firm?

We can save you money, improve the service level to families, allow you to handle more services, drive new business and revenue to your firm, and reduce the time spent on administration and paperwork.

  1. My Staff and I are not familiar with computers?

Not a problem.  Our programs are designed to be user-friendly and we provide all of the training and support you need.

  1. How exactly do Ionic's services work?

We are focused solely on servicing the death care industry.  We provide a complete suite of information technology and accounting services to funeral homes and cemeteries.  Many of the services we provide are not by themselves unique.  However, we combine these services and tailor them for your industry and, as a result, create a complete solution that meets your every need.

  1. I don't need all of your services?

That's one of the great things about Ionic Services.  You can pick and choose from our list of services that fit your needs.  And, if you ever decide that you would like additional services, our programs are designed to integrate seamlessly together.

  1. How much does this service cost?

The cost depends entirely on the needs of your firm.  From the onset, we will sit down with you, analyze the needs of your business, and allow you to choose from our menu of services.  We will then design a customized proposal, including a breakdown of costs for your firm.

  1. What about confidentiality of my business records?

We understand that confidentiality is of primary importance to the business owner.  We treat all information as strictly confidential and adhere to this policy.